Getting Started

The Big Picture

Your home is more than just the necessities; it is a reflection of your personality and your style. It is a way to surround yourself with textures and colors that bring you to a special place and also show off your creativity. At Henredon & Schoener we know how to dive deep and discover what is really important to you and your surroundings and help you define your lifestyle. We understand that this process does not happen all at once, so we will work with you to create what we call your Big Picture, and from there we will create your roadmap to achieving your goals. Some items may take precedence and happen now, and some may come in time, but with the Big Picture in mind filling items in at your own pace makes the entire process an enjoyable one.

Stepping Outside of the Box

Sure earth tones are safe, but where is the fun in that! You have a sense for what colors and textures make you smile, but you may not know how to bring them to the surface, or make them work with your style. We will work with you to connect with your inner creativity and find the courage to step outside of the box to bring your vision to life. In the end, you will discover you can have the best of both worlds.

Staying Connected

Family keepsakes, personal possessions, and that unbelievable find at an Estate Sale are all important pieces to staying connected with your past, present, and future. A common fear is that when looking to redefine your lifestyle those items may not “make the cut”, but our philosophy embraces those special treasures by finding ways to bring new life to those possessions that celebrate your life.