Our History


The Henredon & Schoener story begins in 1976, literally in the family garage.

Linda Schoener grew up in a family with a long time love of fabrics. Her mother and grandmother alike passed on the fine skill of sewing and garment fabrication but it was Linda who first tried her hand at upholstery. In 1976 when Linda’s first son Matthew was born she was trying to find a creative avenue to stay at home with Matthew, but still contribute to the family budget.

As an experiment, there was an attempt to re-upholster a family sofa in need of some help. Through some trial and error, or shall we say “on the job training”, Linda finished up with a successful project, but more than that, it lit a fire that still burns today. Before long, neighbors, friends, family, and eventually friends of friends were calling to see if Linda could help them with their re-upholstery needs. It wasn’t long before it became clear that this was no longer a garage business; it was time to get serious.

With the arrival of son Brian in 1978 a compromise had to be made. The business was moved to an office warehouse space in Lynnwood, Washington and the operation grew to require employees, one of which still works with Linda today, so Schoener’s Upholstery was born. As the kids entered school the strangest hours were kept daily while school was in session, and then often times late into the night while the kids slept in their beds.

Business continued to grow and clients began asking about other services such as carpet, window coverings, wallpaper, and eventually, instead of re-covering old furniture, if Linda could help them find new furnishings. The answer way back then is still the answer today…Yes!

In the early 80’s it was time to move again, this time to a retail storefront. Schoener’s Upholstery transitioned to Schoener’s Interiors and moved to a small showroom with the upholstery in the back where the business grew into a full line Interior Design and retail sales enterprise. This 3,000 square foot space soon proved to be too small and within a few years the business moved just a few feet away into a 9,000 square foot building.

While Mathew and Brian grew up, school days off and weekends were spent at the business doing small jobs and collecting an allowance for their efforts. When the boys entered high school with some help from the football team a delivery service was born. College sent the boys in their own directions, but a passion for the industry and an opportunity to work with family brought both of the boys back to the business.

New opportunities continued to present themselves and, after years of proving herself as a designer and dealer for some of the most luxurious furniture lines, Linda was approached by Henredon, makers of exquisite furniture, to see if she would consider partnering up with them with a new concept store. Henredon and their affiliated lines wanted an exclusive dealer to represent their products in the greater Seattle area, and so a new chapter began with the opening of Henredon & Schoener in Bellevue, Washington in the fall of 2006.

What we see today at Henredon & Schoener is the culmination of a lifetime commitment to the interior design industry. But more than that, it represents a full circle family effort, as son Matthew oversees the Lincoln Square retail showroom, and son Brian oversees the project management of the many projects that are underway at any given time, ranging from custom homes to re-models. To this day Linda is still passionately involved in every aspect of the business and continues to reach the top and immediately look for another mountain to climb.

Henredon & Schoener includes two locations, our showroom located on the 2nd floor of Lincoln Square in downtown Bellevue, and an offsite warehouse located 3 miles from Lincoln Square, where major projects are staged. Projects range from white glove delivery of furniture purchase, and container expediting custom home installs throughout the world, to fully licensed contracts for custom homes and innovative re-model projects.

We welcome you as a family member to our services.


Linda, Matthew, and Brian Schoener