Questions To Keep In Mind

How do you want to live in each room?

Is the space you are imagining the neighborhood hangout, or a tranquil reading room? Is the space a high traffic space, or one that is reserved only for guests? Is your kitchen the family gathering place, or does it need space to fulfill your gourmet chef inspirations? Or do all of these spaces need a little of both? These are just some of the questions to keep in mind to help you decide how you want your home to function.

What does your future hold?

Are you hunkering down for the long haul, or planning just for the now? Have you considered the curve balls such as children, pets, or the sudden urge for a game room? Thinking about possible future scenarios will help you strategize your big picture, and will help you define your priorities.

Are there pieces that are important to you?

Whether it is the rug you bought last year, or chair he just won’t let go of, thinking of what things are a must stay and what items can be flexible will allow our designers to combine what you love with where you want to go.

What are the little things in life that you love?

Trying to define your style can be overwhelming, so we suggest you focus on the little things. Do you gravitate to modern clean lines, or do you love the ornate carving on a dresser foot? Does bright color give you energy, or hurt your eyes. Thinking of the little details you find appealing can help unlock your unique design style.

What are your immediate turn offs?

In the journey to discover your perfect space, it is sometimes easier to start with what you know does not work for you. Whether it be a shade of green, heavy texture fabrics, or floral patterns defining what is an immediate turn off will help our designers uncover the things that you love.